In Burma, Max Pam has combined his most emblematic photos taken in 1973, 1975 and 1994 during his stays in Myanmar, the true land of smiles! This album is now available in ebook format.

Pam is obviously captivated by the Burmese, those people who "are caring, relaxed and always tolerant" in spite of dire living conditions. No photographer has captured better their sweetness and this "national genetic imprint for smiling ready for the despotic official as much as for the stranger or the friend."

In a country frozen by its military regime, adults, kids, passers-by, workers or prostitutes offer the same face, devoid of violence or despair. More than a record of a place or the memory of a meeting, each photo is part of an unfolding story, that of an enduring and brave People.

Burma is the most compelling guide to Myanmar. Hurry up, it is time to explore the soul of Burma!

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Author's profile

Max Pam is a world acclaimed Australian photographer. Born in Melbourne in 1949, he grew up in a suburban, oppressive and culturally isolated environment. The emerging counter-culture of the late 60s gave him the opportunity of an escape route to the world.

Max Pam left Australia at 20 to assist an astrophysicist as a photographer. This first trip overseas from Calcutta to London proved to be initiatory. Ever since, travelling has remained the red thread to his creative and personal development. Overtime, Pam has hanged around in many places on Earth but has kept his humanity, his optimism and sense of empathy.

His “carnets de voyage” are a fantastic occasion to take a fresh and “unpolitically correct” look at countries you may already know. Once accepted his fantasy, his artistic freedom and taste for provocation, you see the world through his eyes, those of a “forever” teenager who pursues the dreams of the 60s. Every picture looks a gift and an unexpected encounter between the viewer, the character and this white stranger with round glasses and long hair!

Max Pam currently teaches photomedia at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia.

Publications include the leading international journals; his photographs are represented in major public and private collections in Australia, Great Britain, France and Japan.


Awards & Prizes:

2010: winner of the International Category prize at PhotoEspaña, Festival of photography and visual arts, Madrid

1992: Grand Prix du Livre Photographique for "Going East", Paris


Major Publications:

2013: Supertourist, Editions Bessard, Paris

2012: Burma, Zine Collection #4, Editions Bessard, Paris

2011: Ramadan in Yemen, Editions Bessard, Paris

2009: Atlas Monograph, Max Pam & Stephen Muecke, T&G Publishing, Sydney

2002: Kailash, Les Imaginayres, Toulouse

2000: Indian Ocean Journals, Max Pam & Patrick Remy, Steidl, Göttingen

1999: Max Pam, Collection L'Oiseau Rare, Filigranes Editions, Paris

1999: Ethiopia, Les Imaginayres, Toulouse

1992: Going East: Two Decades of Asian Photography, Editions Marval, Paris

1992: Human Eye, Sogo, Nara


Major Exhibitions:

2004: stripTEASE – Max Pam, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney; Australian Embassy, Paris

2002: Meridian – Focus on Contemporary Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2002: Red Light, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

1999: Signature Works – 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

1992: Max Pam: Retrospective, Nara Sogo Museum of Art, Nara

1990: Max Pam: 1971-1990, Comptoir de la Photo, Paris

E-book specs

Ebook title: Burma

Author name: Max Pam

Published by: Editions Bessard

Publication date: Jan 21, 2014

Language: English

Form: Photography

Categories: Art and Lifestyle

Number of pages: 39 (Page count based on pdf format)

File type: ePub

ISBN: 979-10-91406-18-5

File size: 16.15 Mo

File type: PDF

ISBN: 979-10-91406-19-2

File size: 1.45 Mo

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